Need help with infrastructure or DevOps? Reach out to me at Gruntwork.


I'm the co-founder of Gruntwork, a company that helps startups get up and running on AWS with DevOps best practices and world-class infrastructure. Our mission is to make it an order of magnitude easier to understand, develop, and deploy software. We take care of all the "undifferentiated heavy lifting"—the grunt work—so that your team can focus on the products and services unique to your company.

Hello, Startup

This book is the "Hello, World" tutorial for building products, technologies, and teams in a startup environment. I based it off of my own experiences, as well as interviews with programmers from some of the most successful startups of the last decade, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, Stripe, Instagram, AdMob, Pinterest, and many others. If you're at all interested in startups, this book is for you.

Terraform: Up & Running

This book is the fastest way to get up and running with Terraform, an open source tool that allows you to manage your infrastructure as code across a variety of cloud providers. Terraform: Up & Running, now in its second edition, is a hands-on-tutorial that not only teaches you DevOps and infrastructure as code principles, but also walks you through dozens of code examples that you can try at home (you can find all the code examples in the Terraform: Up & Running GitHub repo).

Startup Essentials

This free e-book is a curated collection of chapters from the O'Reilly Business Library. It includes a chapter from my book, Hello, Startup.

Atomic Squirrel

In 2015, I founded Atomic Squirrel, a company that specialized in helping new startups get off the ground. In 2016, Atomic Squirrel merged with another company called Phoenix DevOps to become Gruntwork.

Gruntwork Houston

Mission Control for your infrastructure.


Terragrunt is a thin wrapper for Terraform that provides extra tools for working with multiple Terraform modules.


Terratest a swiss army knife for testing infrastructure code. It is a Go library that includes tools for testing Terraform, Packer, Docker, AWS, and much more.


An open source project that allows you to setup a productive development environment with Docker on OS X.

Ping-Play: BigPipe Streaming for the Play Framework

An open source project that brings BigPipe streaming to the Play Framework. It includes tools for a) splitting your pages up into small "pagelets", which makes it easier to maintain large websites, and b) streaming those pagelets down to the browser as soon as they are ready, which can significantly reduce page load time.

Yevgeniy Brikman Homepage

I built all the pages you're looking at now using Jekyll, GitHub Pages, and Basscss.

Hello, Startup Website

This is the website for my book. It's open source and includes many helpful resources for building startups.

Play Framework at LinkedIn

I led the project that brought the Play Framework to LinkedIn. Play is a modern web framework that combines the performance and reliability of Java and Scala, the power of reactive programming, and the productivity of full hot reload support.

LinkedIn Incubator

I launched a program at LinkedIn that allows any employee to come up with an idea, form a team around it, and present it to the execs. If the execs approve it, the team gets 3 months of dedicated time to bring the project to life.

LinkedIn Hackdays

I ran LinkedIn's internal and external hackday program. A hackday is an event where you get 24 hours to come up with ideas, form teams, and build rapid prototypes (hacks) as a proof of concept. I helped organize LinkedIn's public Intern Hackday, DevelopHer Hackday, and Veterans Hackday events, and built all the interactive information and registration pages.

LinkedIn Engineering Blog

I created the LinkedIn Engineering Blog as a place for LinkedIn developers to talk about their work and grew the site to many thousands of page views per day.

Resume Builder

I created and launched the Resume Builder as my first Hackday project at LinkedIn as a way to turn your LinkedIn profile into a nicely formatted resume.