In the first part of the travel quirks series, I showcased some of the strange signs, billboards and writings I’ve come across in my travels. Today, I’ll focus on food and drink.

It just so happens that I like eating almost as much as I like traveling. This works out well, because being abroad provides ample opportunity to try all sorts of new food. You really are what you eat, so trying the local cuisine is an important part of understanding the local culture. And photographing it all allows me to laugh about it later.

A small piece of naan at a restaurant in NYC
The Great Market Hall in Budapest, Hungary
White chocolate fountain at a LinkedIn Holiday Party
Wine tasting in Bacharach, Germany
Fresh picked raspberries from
A plate of meat and potatoes in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
Pretzel and beer in Munich, Germany
Wine by the fire in Sonoma
Whole, deep fried fish on the menu in Krakow, Poland
Apparently, people actually eat it
Mushroom soup in a breadbowl, with bacon at the De Young Museum, San Francisco
An entire museum dedicated to potatoes in Munich, Germany
Beer in Krakow, Poland
Molly made me a face-sized cookie in Stanford, CA
Beer by the liter in Munich, Germany

To be continued

Even more quirkiness awaits you in Travel quirks, part 3: sculpture, animals, doppelgängers, art and more!