Update: the official photos, videos, and submitted projects are now available on the Intern Hackday site.

In my previous post, I showed you the sights and sounds from day 1 of the LinkedIn Intern Hackday. This post will do the same for day 2, Saturday July 30. The Intern Hackday was an overnight affair and just about all the interns worked straight through the night to get their hacks done by noon. 45 projects were submitted, featuring a wide range of ideas, platforms and technologies. We saw games, music apps, UI frameworks, augmented reality, AI, location apps, IDE extensions, p2p file sharing, and even a 20 page report.

The pictures below are, as usual, mostly from iPhones. Keep your eyes on the Intern Hackday site for the official event photos, videos and project submissions soon!

5:00am: the hackers are still going strong
Well, most of them anyway
Programmer, noun: an ingenious device that turns caffeine into code
6:30am: the sun comes up
10:00am: Brooke and her dog drop by to provide emotional support
11:00am: Allen announces the 1 hour warning
11:55am: 5 minute warning.
12:01pm: the hacks are submitted. Time to crash.
Sandwiched between bean bags
3:00pm: picking the 15 finalists
4:00pm: celebrity judges James Gosling, Kevin Scott and Omar Hamoui in the house!
Adam Nash kicks things off
The judges look on as some amazing projects are presented
Rocks: a 3d, in-browser, multiplayer game using node.js, socket.io, and WebGL
LinkedUp: like Chat Roulette, but with less... genitalia. Thanks for cleaning that up Adam!
After deliberating, the judges picked the winners. 3rd place went to the beam.it team!
2nd place: LinkedOut!
1st place: rocks!