Listen up, developers. You are not special. Your infrastructure is not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You have the same tech debt as everyone else. So why are you reinventing the wheel? Why are you building the same infrastructure, from scratch, over and over again?

Give me 30 minutes, and I’ll completely change how you build and manage infrastructure.

Below, you’ll find the video and slides of my talk from HashiConf 2017, where I introduce the work we’ve been doing at Gruntwork with Terraform Modules. I explain how modules work, how to design modules so they are highly configurable and reusable, and how to write automated tests for your Terraform code. Most importantly, I show you how you can use modules to build your entire tech stack on top of proven, battle-tested infrastructure code—in minutes.

Reusable, composable, battle-tested Terraform modules (Video)
Reusable, composable, battle-tested Terraform modules (Slides)

To get access to a collection of reusable, battle-tested, commercially supported Terraform modules that have been proven in production at dozens of companies, check out the Gruntwork Infrastructure as Code Library.